Thank you to everyone who made the Festival such a success: our dear guests, of course, but also our wonderful volunteers, and you, the public. See you all next year!

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BD & Comics Passion – How shiplap cladding changed the look and feel of the festival

When you’re hosting things like comic festivals or any other kind of event for that matter, getting the right feel for the venue is especially important, luckily shiplap cladding from iwood made all the difference to us. The look of a venue can change the atmosphere of the entire event, you would think that people would attend these sorts of events purely for the comics but having done numerous surveys over the year, people enjoyed the festival far more when our venue was of a higher quality. Shiplap timber cladding allowed us to get the luxurious and warm wooden feeling that many of our guests and attendees really complimented us for.


How shiplap cladding made from quality timber improved our festival

We looked at a number of locations to host our festival but we were very careful to select one that had timber cladding in it, some of the ones that we looked at had upvc cladding which just didn’t look the same. In the end we managed to find the perfect spot which we have now booked up for the next two years to come. We are even starting to implement this style of decoration in our own offices and are having great success with using feather edge cladding on our walls. Let us know if you’ve had a similar experience!

Getting the latest comic themed cheap wallpaper

We doesn’t love getting discount wallpaper? What if we told your that you could get your latest comic passion design on your very own wallpaper. Recently we came across a number of online shops that allow you to make and print your own wallpapers featuring the very best comic book characters, these make idea presents for both adults and children and allow you to get extremely creative with your designs. We decided to upload some customer artwork for our from the avengers, first we did the drawings of the characters and then had it printed onto the cheap wallpaper that we managed to source.


How to source your cheap comic wallpapers

The trick is to find cheap wallpaper uk, which is usually best found online, as well as a store that allows for custom designs to be uploaded directly. If you’re really after cut priced wallpaper, we recommend choosing a plain rather than patterned design initially but if you have a bit more of a budget, you can certainly look into a designer wallpaper texture. We will say that it is very important to upload images that are of high quality otherwise your favorite comic book character may print out a little blurred…you have been warned!

BD & Comics Passion – How our electric curtains made our offices futuristic

As passionate comic book fans, we naturally love anything that makes it seem like we have superpowers! Well we managed to get our hands on one such gadgets, an electric curtain track, that certainly made us feel that way. We almost feel like we are commanding our own curtains, okay we have to press a button but the curtain track just springs into life as if by magic. Now we could have easily have gone for the slightly cheaper corded curtain track but in the end we wanted to have a device that didn’t clutter our office any more than it already is so the ceiling mounted curtain track that we chose was the perfect choice.


What’s so great about an electric curtain rail?

Now when we are working on the latest comic characters in our range we always have the perfect lighting, even on a warm summers day when the sun would normally be beaming through the windows and slowly cooking us. In total we bought three electric curtain rails that really seem to be doing the trick, we may buy a few more in the future for some of our upstairs windows and curtains too. Now back to designing those new comic characters! Stay tuned for more!